Marine - Manufacturing - Distribution

Business Code: TTQD1081

Key Features: Potential plus

State: QLD

Suburb: Gold Coast, 42216

Location: Situated in Northern Gold Coast.


Distributor - manufacturer for marine industry producing replacement and custom stainless steel water cooled exhaust manifolds for inboard marine engines, including speed boats and diesel motors (up to 20ft) - This business is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of stainless steel manifolds for marine craft. - The operation penetrates both nationally and internationally. - Manifolds are manufactured in China and sent from China to buyers Worldwide. - It has 20 distributors world wide and an excellent name and reputation within the industry. - Customers include agents, deals, mechanics and owners.


  • Features: Patented product - Well established - Factory in China.

  • Potential: Add more distributors - Include rep. to attend boat shows world wide. - Facebook and social media campaigns - Sales offices nationally

  • Premises: Home Office. - Can operate anywhere in Australia.

  • Trading Hours: 5 days - 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Lease:

  • Employees: 2 owners

  • Comments: Every manifold and riser is fabricated and hand welded by highly trained and experienced staff, the inside of the manifold is patented (there are no joins in these manifold). -

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