SBX Business Brokers is one of the largest business brokers in Australia servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured that SBX will provide you with a premium service.  

Headed by Colin Bennie and an extensive team of multi-lingual brokers, SBX will match the right business with the right buyer. Our team will personally take on each business and market it individually, as well as handle all of the details of meetings and inspections. SBX will assist you in understanding all of the legal requirements, rental bonds, insurance and other requirements that may relate to selling or purchasing a business in Australia.


SBX sells all manner of businesses from small owner-operator businesses to franchises and multi-million dollar businesses.


To find out more about how SBX Business Brokers can assist you, simply register online or contact the office.



Buying with SBX


Owning your own business can be intensely challenging and rewarding. There is flexibility to innovate and implement ideas in your own way, and it is highly rewarding to watch your hard work bear fruit. SBX Business Brokers will help ensure you invest in the business that is right for you.


The Process


Our brokers will assist you to find your dream business. We will work within your criteria such as business type (e.g. Cafes), price, location, premises, staffing etc. The broker will then search through our extensive listings and present a variety of businesses that match your requirements. The broker also takes care of contacting the business vendor and arranges meetings and inspections as necessary. Information about a business’s financial records can be made available upon the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, this is designed to protect the vendor's personal and confidential information.


Selling with SBX


Letting go of a business in which you have invested extensive time and money can be a big step, however SBX Business Brokers provides the security of experience and expertise to ensure that you gain an appropriate reward for your business. We provide a variety of services to ensure your business is exposed to the appropriate market and finds the perfect buyer. 


The Process


A business vendor is first matched with a broker based on a range of criteria including language needs and the broker’s area of expertise. The broker then requests information pertinent to the sale of the business and provides assistance in assessing the business using their extensive knowledge of valuations and current market trends. A business profile is then created which prospective purchasers may view.


The broker will engage in diverse marketing strategies including listing the business on a range of the most popular business for sale websites, listing on business and industry specific sites and contacting known interested parties. A marketing editor will also SEO (search engine optimize) the listing to ensure maximum exposure to interested buyers.


Certain information about the business may be kept confidential if the vendor wishes, and remains classified unless a purchaser signs a non-disclosure agreement to protect the integrity of the business.


The broker is the key point of contact between the purchaser and the vendor. The role of the broker is to ensure that any negotiations occur as smoothly as possible for all parties concerned. Once a price has been agreed upon by the purchaser and the vendor, contracts are drawn up and signed. When a business has been sold, the vendor is then required to pay SBX their agreed commission. All fees and charges are agreed up front prior to listing a business for sale. 


To find out more about how SBX Business Brokers can assist you, simply register online or contact the office.