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  1. Any information provided by the SBX Business Brokers (The Agent) is on a confidential basis and we agree not to disclose it to any other parties.
  2. We agree not to speak to the owners or the staff of the businesses unless the Broker makes an appointment and we will negotiate the terms of purchase only through the Broker.
  3. We agree that the SBX Business Brokers has introduced us to the the nominated businesses and we agree that we will not affect in any way the payment of commission to the Broker. We agree that any further businesses requested are subject to these conditions.
  4. In the event we buy a business which the Broker has introduced we undertake to make all deposit funds payable to the SBX Business Brokers Pty Ltd Trust Account. Should we request the Broker to provide or research details on any other business for which an agency agreement has not yet been signed then we will ensure that the purchase price includes the Brokers commission at a figure agreed between the Broker and the vendor otherwise we will not proceed with the purchase.