Business Finance

Do you require Finance for your Business Purchase?

SBX Business Brokers is committed to assisting our buyers with finding the right lending partner to finance their business purchase.

Finding the right lending partner can be difficult and you can save a lot of time and stress by finding a lender that is more experienced and suited to your situation.

From small loans of $10K to loans over $1,000,000 loans SBX will provide you with lender referrals. *

If you have been in contact with a broker, select their name so we know who to direct your enquiry to.

Business codes are a way of identifying a property for sale. This allows us to allocate a Broker based on the business(es) you're interested in.



  1. * SBX will refer you to one of our preferred business lenders and finance brokers.
  2. * Standard credit approval criteria and terms and conditions apply.
  3. Please call our office 02 9429 4403 if you have further questions.